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18806 Handtruck with fixed nose plate 450×300, Productgroup: Handtrucks


18806 M-NST250-CT-A4530+GL

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EAN CODE: 8719638513166,
product group: Handtrucks
Taal: NL
Steekwagen NST250-CT alu steek 450×300 Weight:11,7 Kg.
Capacity: 350 Kg.
With safety handgrips
Dimensions: (WxDxH) 500x505x1376mm
Dimensions large plate: (WxD) 450x300mm
Dimensions Stairguide: (LxWxH) 510x65x20/30
Axle Ø20
Steekwagen NST250-CT alu steek 450×300 v.v. trapgeleiders. Max. belasting 350kg
Handtruck with fixed nose plate 450×300 cap. 350 kg., rubber handles,stair guide puncture-proof PU tyres 260 x 85 mm
Langue :FR
Diable aluminium charge 350 kg M-NST-250 avec roues increvable et bavette 450×300 avec guide d'escalier
Sprache: DU
Stapelkarre mit fester Schaufel 450×300, Tragkraft 350 kg, Gummigriffe, Treppen- führer, PU-bereifung 260×85 mm.

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Brand: Matador

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Weight 11.7 kg
Dimensions 350 × -26085 mm