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15740 Dolly -MD480 with NBR Ball-bearing, Productgroup: Sale


15740 HX-DOLLY MD-480

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EAN CODE: 8718692437265,
product group: Sale
Taal: NL
Dolly zwart v.v. 4 kogelgelagerde Weight: 2,4 Kg.
Capacity: 150 Kg.
Swivel castors 2" (54x20mm) with ball bearings
Platform thickness: 30 mm.
Platform height: 85mm.
Measurements: (LxW) 485×380
Dolly zwart v.v. 4 kogelgelagerde zwenkwielen 2inch. Capaciteit 150 Kg.
Dolly -MD480 with NBR Ball-bearing
Langue :FR
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Sprache: DU
Dolly MD-480 schwarz 485×380 mm

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Brand: Matador

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Weight 2.4 kg