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15731 Stair climber Electric M-@STAIR+,, Productgroup: E-Matador


15731 M-@STAIR+

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EAN CODE: 8718692438682,
product group: E-Matador
Taal: NL
Trapklimmer elektrisch M-@STAIR+, Weight without batteries: 29 Kg.
Weight with batteries: 29,8 Kg.
Capacity: max. capacity step by step 150 Kg. max. capacity height adjustable platform 175 Kg.
Type of battery: lead acid traxi – 50 Watt output
Number of batteries: 2
Charging time: +/- 4 hours
Period of use: 10-20 stairs (depends on the weight of the load)
Dimensions: (WxDxH) 240x400x1445mm
Dimensions wheels: puncture proof Ø260-85mm
Dimensions platforms: (WxD) 390×290
Trapklimmer elektrisch M-@STAIR+, incl. lader, batterypack en hefplatform draagvermogen max. 175 kg
Stair climber Electric M-@STAIR+, included Battery, Charger and Lifting platform, loadcap. max. 175 Kg.
Langue :FR
Diable electr. monte escalier M-@STAIR+ avec batterie, chargeur et plate-forme élévatrice, Cap. max. 175 Kg.
Sprache: DU
Treppensteiger Elektrisch M-@STAIR+, inkl. Ladegerät, Akku und Hubplattform, Tragkraft max. 175 Kg.

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Weight 29.8 kg
Dimensions 175 mm