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13937 Folding Handtruck, Aluminium GH150 Plus, Productgroup: Handtrucks


13937 EX-GH150 PLUS

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EAN CODE: 8718692436008,
product group: Handtrucks
Taal: NL
Steekwagen,alu.opvouwb.150kg 4/D Weight: 5,44 Kg.
Weight: (incl.acc.) 6,15 Kg.
Weight: 1pc in primairy box 6,71 Kg.
Weight: (in Master box, contains 4 pcs in primary box) 27,5Kg.
Capacity: 150 Kg.
Dimensions: Unfolded: (WxDxH) 500x490x1110mm
Dimensions folded: (WxDxH) 500x60x780mm
Dimensions plate: (WxD)490x330mm
Material rim: Plastic PP
Material tyre: TPR
Wheel (7") Ø178x35mm
Distance between rims/wheels: 370/400mm
With Elastic Velcro strap, T-Hook and Barrel support.
Dimensions master box (4pcs) (LxWxH) 820x510x340mm
Dimensions primary box: 810x500x80
Steekwagen,alu.opvouwb.150kg 4/D v.v. Quickrelease strap&buckle + houder T-hoekplaat en vatensteunset
Folding Handtruck, Aluminium GH150 Plus with mounting plate, barrel supports and Velcro strap.
Langue :FR
Diable pliant alu 150 kg GH-150 Plus
Sprache: DU
Klappbare Aluminium-Stapelkarre, Zuladung 150 kg. Typ GH-150 Plus Mit Zubehör

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Weight 5.44 kg