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11377 Prestar platformtruck plastic PB-100-P, Productgroup: Platformtrucks/rollcontainers


11377 PR-PB-100-P


EAN CODE: 8713724006068,
product group: Platformtrucks/rollcontainers
Taal: NL
Plateauwagen,kunststof.71x45cm.dvm.150kg Weight: 5,5 Kg. (including bag 6 Kg.)
Capacity: 150 Kg.
Dimensions: (LxWxH) 710x455x170mm
Dimensions platform: (LxW) 710x450mm
Platform height till bottomside platform:100mm
Platform height till upperside plattform: 170mm
Platform of strong and durable Polypropylene with anti-slip studs
Material fork and rim: PA6
Material tyre; Non-marking rubber
Dimensions swivel wheels: Ø100×30
Prestar platformtruck plastic PB-100-P
Langue :FR
Plateau Prestar plastique 150kg 710x450mm 710x450mm
Sprache: DU
Prestar Plattformwagen, Kunststoff, Zuladung 150 kg, ohne Schubbügel Abm. 710x450mm, Rad-Ø 130 mm

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Brand: Prestar

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Weight 6.0 kg