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10206 Wheelbarrow Noka 160 electric with, Productgroup: Wheelbarrows


10206 M-E-BARROW NOKA 160

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EAN CODE: 8719638513388,
product group: Wheelbarrows
Taal: NL
Weight: 29,6 Kg.
Capacity: 250 kg. high density carefree extra wide tyre
Volume: 160 L.
Dimensions: (LxWxH) 1600x680x800mm
Polypropylene tray: 6,5mm thick
Dimensions tray: (LxWxH) 880x650x320/440mm
Battery:36V, 10,5 Ah, Lithium
Dimensions puncture proof PU-wheel: Ø400x130mm
Battery:36V, 10,5 Ah, Lithium
Electric motor (600 W)
Power 600 W
Charge temp. 0-45ºC, discharge temp. -20-60ºC
Protection rating: IP65
Max. speed: 6 Km/H
Charger weight: 0,81Kg.
Charger: connect primair:200/260V AC, connect secundair: 42V/5A
Charger dimensions.(LxWxH) 175x92x50

Wheelbarrow Noka 160 electric with puncture proof tyre and polypropylene tray. With aluminium frame
Langue :FR
Brouette Noka 160 electrique en alu roue anti-crevaison et bac en polypropylene
Sprache: DU
Schubkarre Noka 160 elektrisch mit pannensicheren Reifen und polypropylene Mulden. Mit aluminium Gestell

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Brand: Matador

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Weight 29.6 kg