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Matador innovation


Matador has an in-house innovation and design team to develop customized products. Matador wants to provide their
customers the certainty of making the right choice for their end users by guaranteeing approved ergonomics through
the OSH & Ergonomics mark VHP.
We also produce according to Lean Manufacturing and we respect our environment
by producing circularly instead of linearly (cradle to cradle).




Matador OEM Manufacturing

With Custom Metal Matador BV delivers a wide range of solution products,
which meet all the needs of the customer.
We have a full service concept with which we can produce almost everything under one roof.
Original metal technology
for customers with a full service concept: an efficient and cost-effective advantage.

We supply products for the following branches:

Building industries
Medical and home care
Internal Transport
Warehouse logistics
Electro-technical industry
Catering and kitchen industry
Office and furniture

Matador takes care of:

Design & development
3D drawing and simulation
Prototype development and testing
Powder Coating







Matador BV VHP-approved

Businesses and buyers purchasing devices want the assurance of making the right choice.
Matador and resellers of our devices want to provide their customers with that certainty.

The VHP mark offers:

A description of the product characteristics
Measurements of physical load and safety, by registered European ergonomist (Eur. Erg., CREE registry) and registered Higher Safety Experts (HVK)
Indication of relevant OSH regulations and standards (Arbowet and NEN/NPR, CEN, DIN and ISO standards)
Where possible: work circumstances using the offeredproduct compared to ‘traditional’ methods


MATADOR TORO®EdCar-Etage-trucktrapjestenen-kruiwagen




Matador Lean Production

Since 2006 Matador produces according to the Lean Manufacturing filosofy.
This method is applied at all departments in our company.
The target is to supply the right materials at the right time, at the right place with
exactly the right quantity, without any defects.

The next processes of Lean manufacturing are applied:

KanBan (stock control with cards instead of ERP)
VSM (Value Stream Mapping) determine flowvalue
SMED (single minute exchange of die) Switching the processes as quick as possible in order to make them quantity independend
Cost price will not be dominated by batch quantity
5S (select-Arrange-Cleaning-Standardize-Systematic Improvement) visualising the factory and processes with elimination of waste


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Matador Cradle2cradle-sustainable-production

Our way of thinking about products and raw materials has to change from linearly into circularly;
not from the cradle to the grave but from the cradle to the cradle.
Matador Metal Technology is very aware of its function in our society.
This includes sustainable
innovation and development, with a focus on the future, e.g. by using powdercoating rather than wet paint.


No need of solvents (no Benzine / paint thinners)
Full reuse of overspray
Better corrosion resistant thus longer life products
No solvents in degreasing, but PH-neutral soapy water with oil separators for continuous recycling of rinse water
A completely closed system without emissions
Arbo-friendly working conditions by a closed system with extraction






The smart and ergonomic Sitting Solution
Zami is developed with Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Piet van Loon and designer Ruud-Jan Kokke.
Experience less pressure on the lower back by the natural position of your pelvic bone, improved breathing by improved situation of your ribs and diafragm, freedom of movement of the head and neck and increase of back and trunk muscle-condition.

On the Zami-Ergo you take the right back posture exactly as standing.
Double curvature (double parabolic): perfect support for sitting bones.
For more information: